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Although classed as a 5 star deluxe hotel in world classification the Burj-al-Arab is marketed as the world's only 7 star hotel.

The hotel services include a private chauffeur with Rolls Royce or BMW 7, private reception desks on each floor, a helicopter pad and a 5 star restaurant located 200 metres above sea level, free entry to the Wild-Wadi Water Park.

The hotel was originally the dream of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan and was opened in 1999. It is over 300 metres tall.

The 'rooms' in the hotel are each on two floors and have several bathrooms, master and guest bedrooms, an office, kitchen, living and dining room, sitting room, 42 inch flat screen TVs and plenty of luggage space. There's even a door in the kitchen for the butler!

The hotel attracts wealthy business people and celebrities but can also be toured for a small fee (around 50 euros). Also if you book to eat in one of the restaurants you can have look around.