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Generally, each type of stall in Dubai Souq, be it perfumes, crafts, spices or clothing, are located close together, making it easy to spot a good deal.

They prefer cash and haggling or bargaining over the price of an item is expected.

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The Gold Souq on the Deira, or north side of Dubai Creek, is the most famous. This souq gleams with gold, silver and gems. Each shop window is crammed with gold necklaces, bangles, ear-rings, brooches, rings etc. It is unbelievable!

Prices are competitive. Dealers come here from around the globe and strict regulations are followed. There are said to be more than 125 shops in the Gold Souq, selling silver, pearls, diamonds and rubies as well as gold items fashioned in the styles of
many countries.

Different shops specialise in specific kinds of gold items, such as Indian gold, Italian gold and Arabic gold. The best Arabic designs come from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, but designs of all tastes and fashions can be found here in the gold souk.

The souks carry everything that can be made from gold, but if there is some personal design you cannot find, they will make it for you. These are very highly skilled craftsmen.

The gold souq is normally open from 7am to Noon and 5pm to 7pm Saturday to Thursday. Then 5pm to 7pm on Friday.

Deira Spice souq: This tiny souq is a sensory delight. You can buy aromatic frankinsense and myrrh [with charcoal burners for them] , plus an array of spices, such as cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Iranian saffron is good value too.

Deira Perfume souq: Fascinating shops sell heavy exotic scents like jasmine, oudh, amber and rose. They will also mix individual "signature scents". Traditional Arabian attars are for sale alongside Western brands.

Deira Covered souq: The Deira covered souq feels more Indian than Arabic, with a great medley of merchandise on offer, including colourful and interesting textiles, spices, kitchenware, clothing and henna, amongst other things.

Naif Road Souq, Deira: In this traditional-style souq in a desert-fort type building, you can find everything from cheap clothes to fake designer wear to children's toys and trinkets.

Bur Dubai Covered Souq: This is on the south side of Dubai Creek in Bur Dubai. In fact it is alongside the Creek and covered by an arched pergola. It is an atmospheric walkway lined with money lenders and little stalls.

Satwa "Souq": This is also in Bur Dubai. It's a great place to rummage for fabrics, house-hold products and electronics, as well as majilis cushion sets.

Bur Dubai Textile Souq: Here you will find sumptious fabrics made from every fabric and colour imaginable. They are imported from all over the world. There are silks, satins, brocades, linens and many more.

Karama "Souq": This souq in Bur Dubai offers all kinds of "copy" items, especially watches and hanbags. Although fake, the quality is astonishingly good.

Dubai Fish Souq: This sells all kinds of fish, including barracuda, giant crab, lobster and hammour, a local fish. Of course, you can haggle if the price seems a bit fishy!!

Most souqs tend to open 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 10 pm, Saturdays to Thursdays. Then 2pm to 10 pm on Fridays. It is best to start with your first offer at half the initial price, then haggle with a smile.

You cannot visit Dubai without spending some time in these traditional souks. They are fascinating ......and great value!!