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Dubai and the Persian Gulf area have built up a fine reputation for trade.

In fact, over the centuries, other traders, from the Indian subcontinent and Iran, just across the Gulf, were welcomed and even encouraged to set up businesses in the enlightened trading atmosphere of Dubai or Dubayy, where taxes were kept to a minimum.

Low taxes explain the success of Dubai as a trading city. This trade in natural pearls lasted for centuries until Japan eventually flooded the world market with their mass-produced, cut-price, cultured pearls. The price of natural pearls tumbled, as a consequence.

From the earliest times, dealers in gold, silver, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and other precious stones, had set up shop on both sides of the entrance to Dubai Creek. They had also mastered the very fine craftsmanship essential in the jewellery trade.

The western side of the mouth of the Creek is known as Bur Dubai, whilst the eastern side is called Deira. These are the oldest parts of the city.

There are very many jewellery [or jewelry to our American friends] shops on both sides of the Creek, but it is in Deira that they are most abundant.

Dubai is the world's leading re-exporter of gold. It is available in 18, 21, 22 and 24 carats and is sold according to the international daily gold rate.

So, for an identical piece, whether the customer buys in the plush Emirates Towers or in some small shop in the Gold Souk, there will be very little difference in the price of the actual gold. Where the price
varies is the workmanship that has gone into the particular piece.

While white gold jewellery might be the most prevalent .....silver, platinum, precious stones, gems and pearls are all sold either separately or crafted into superbly ornate jewellery.

Most outlets can make a piece for the customer, working from a diagram or photograph. Customer satisfaction is all-important.

As we have already stated, the greatest concentration of jewellery, or jewelry, shops in Dubai can be found in Deira, especially around the entrance to Dubai Creek.

It is here, near the Spice Souq, that you will find the famed Dubai Gold Souq, consisting of hundreds of small shops, clustered together in a maze of narrow streets.

It is a fascinating place, especially in the evening, when the lavish, ornate gold jewellery glistens brightly from windows all around. It is quite dazzling!!

There are many other jewellery shops nearby as well, notably in the City of Gold area.

Further up, on the Deira side of the Creek, is Deira City Centre, where there are very many jewellers/jewelers of repute.

There are also fine, 5-star hotels and shopping malls lining the Deira side of Dubai Creek. Many of these house top class jewellers' shops.

Fine, superbly-crafted jewellery is a commodity at which Dubai really excels. Buyers come from all over the world to purchase it, as they have done for centuries.

Is there any wonder that tourism to Dubai, linked with shopping, is really booming and growing at a fantastic rate?

Why not pay a visit to Dubai and see for yourself?

You need not even venture very far from Dubai Creek to view a plethora of gold and jewellery shops, selling gold, silver, platinum and precious stones crafted into the finest jewellery in a myriad different styles at very competitive prices.