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In 2007, Dubai International Airport was the world's fastest growing airport, with a growth of 19.3 per cent in international passenger numbers. In fact, it has maintained an average growth rate of at least 15 per cent per annum for six consecutive years!

It handled 34.3 million passengers in 2007, up from 28.78 million in 2006.

In August 2007, 3.28 million passengers used the airport. For the first time in its history, monthly passenger throughput exceeded 3 million in three separate months in 2007.

At least 2.5 million passengers were handled monthly during each of the other 9 months, as well.

Average passenger movement per day, over a year, was 95,000 in 2007, whilst there were 260,530 aircraft movements, or 725 per day, that year. It is hoped that Dubai International Airport will handle 40 million passengers in 2008, with over 50 million per annum projected in the not-too-distant future.

100 different domestic and international airlines use Dubai International Airport, which was recently renovated and enlarged at a cost of 2 billion dollars.

It has a huge range of duty-free shops, covering a much larger area than most airports.

An international flower centre and flower auction is planned here, so that flowers can be sold at a Dutch style flower auction, arranged and sorted before being sent to destinations around the world.

Dubai International has 2 central airport terminals, with a third being added shortly.

The main terminal, Terminal 1, also known as Sheikh Rashid Terminal, has 25 different gates and is on five separate levels. By utilising a special card swiping machine which registers all the information on passengers, the airport has a system which allows rapid clearance of airport customs.

Terminal 2 is less modern and smaller and is used by charter airlines, business jets and regional airlines from neighbouring countries.

Air traffic to Dubai is growing so rapidly that a colossal new airport, bigger than Heathrow and ten times the size of Dubai International, is currently being constructed at Jebel Ali, on the western fringe of the city.

It is called Dubai World Central International Airport, but will be known officially as Al Maktoum International Airport, after the name of the ruling family of Dubai.

It will be the main part of Dubai World Central, a planned residential, commercial and logistics complex scheme. World Central is the world's first truly integrated logistics platform, with all transport modes, logistics and value-added services, including manufacturing and assembly, in a single bonded and Free Zone environment.

The new airport will have six parallel runways, each 800 metres apart, and 4.5 kilometres in length. It is being built to handle the new A380 super-jumbo aircraft. It demonstrates the forward thinking that is to be seen everywhere in Dubai.

This new airport was required because there was not enough room for expansion at Dubai International Airport, which remains a superb modern facility.