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Sheikh Zayed Road is the new growth corridor of Dubai.

So the park is within close proximity of the new financial district, Internet City, Media City and a growing number of luxury hotels and shopping malls.

Just up the road, Burj Dubai and Al Burj, the two tallest buildings in the world, are being built. They will both be twice the height of the Empire State least!!

It is rumoured that Al Burj could end up being a kilometre high!!

There were 118 manufacturing units and 30 retail shops in Phase One of the Gold and Diamond park development. The shops are arranged around a central square, with an open-plan French Connection coffee shop in the middle, giving shoppers the opportunity to relax and soak up the atmosphere.

The Gold and Diamond Park Museum, located in the visitor centre, presents the history of the Emirates' Arabs heritage in producing quality jewellery [or jewelry to our American friends].

Museum entry is FREE!!! A 30 minute guided tour of the manufacturing plant is available.

Customers can commission their own designs to take advantage of some of the leading jewellery craftsmen in the world. They can also watch them at work. Fascinating!!

There are unique items of jewellery to be found here, including purple gold; black pearls from Tahiti and pinky white pearls from Australia.

Phase Two of the Gold and Diamond Park project comprises 154 manufacturing units; 3 office blocks and an additional 52 retail outlets. There is room to park 750 cars!!!

The Gold and Diamond Park and museum presents the opportunity for visitors to come to a fascinating location for a few hours and to view superb craftsmanship in gold, silver and precious stones! Remember, this is a tax-free zone!!

As we have said ,the museum offers FREE entry. The Gold and Diamond Park is open 10 am to 10 pm, Sunday to Thursday.
and 10am to Midnight, Friday and Saturday.

Why not visit Dubai?

You will be amazed !!

It is the pearl of the Arabian Gulf!!