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Sheltering Port Rashid from westerly winds and providing more berths, are the marine installations of Dubai Maritime City.

On the western side of that structure is Dubai Dry Docks, constructed in 1973 as a ship repair yard. It was very busy during the Iraq/Iran war. Ship repair was in great demand.

Dubai dominates the shipping activities of the United Arab Emirates. It has the largest shipping capacity with 103 berths, headed by Port Rashid, which is the leading port of the Arabian Gulf region, although Jebel Ali port, about 45 minutes further south, is larger.

Its strategic location has helped provide Port Rashid with its pre-eminence.

It has the operationally equipped cranes to handle all types of containers and storage space for approximately 20,000 standard containers. The burgeoning economy of Dubai makes it a very busy port indeed.

Dubai Cruise Terminal, opened in 2001, is conveniently located at Port Rashid, 15 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport.

The ship-shaped facility is situated on a 335 metre quay, offering the capacity to berth two ships simultaneously.

The terminal itself is around 3300 square metres in size and is fast becoming a popular choice for winter sun travellers. Its deep basin gives cruise liners the option of bringing in larger ships.

Winter cruises, visiting the other emirates of the U.A.E, such as Abu Dhabi and Fajairah and other countries of the Arabian Gulf, such as Bahrain and Oman, are becoming very popular as tourists look for alternatives to the Caribbean.

The superb tourist facilities and winter warmth of Dubai is attracting visitors in ever greater numbers.