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The distinctive building has three pyramids forming part of the roof and a large stained glass window.

Two of the pyramids are decorated with stained glass ,depicting ancient Egyptian scenes. Best viewed during daylight they are spectacularly beautiful!

Wafi Mall has been extended several times since it opened, with some development being quite recent.

The layout makes it one of the most interesting Dubai malls to walk around.

There are often exhibitions held throughout and the atrium is home to a huge tree at even snows!

Wafi seems to become more exclusive with each extension and the store directory now reads like a Who's Who in top-class design, be it jewellery [or even jewelry ] or couture.

Imaginarium, a children's toy shop has great traditional toys and a separate kids-size door!

They even have a large Marks and Spencer to browse through when you've had enough of the likes of Versace or Nicole Farhi.

There are also a number of cafes and restaurants, including Biella where you can enjoy your meal in the alfresco dining area.

The children's entertainment area, Encounter Zone, is very popular and has age-specific attractions.

If you feel the need for pampering, or an evening out, head for the Pyramids complex where there are some excellent bars, restaurants, a club and a renowned spa.

Added recently are a new 5-star Raffles Dubai Hotel, an underground car park and 90 new shops including the biggest Topshop in the UAE.

Khan Murjan is being developed at the moment. This is an underground souk with around 200 units, where, as well as shops, there will be artisans with work-shops who will create pieces on-site.

Wafi Mall really is a must location if you are interested in some quality shopping whilst in Dubai...or even just browsing and a relaxing latte! We can all dream!